Hitler and Mein Kampf

Written by Emmy award winning author Bob Carruthers, this is the best-selling analysis of the factors which shaped the creation of one of the most controversial works in the history of mankind. ‘Hitler and Mein Kampf’ details the unrelenting series of violent events which shaped the world of Adolf Hitler from his childhood in Austria, through his service in the trenches and on to his intense career as a beer hall rabble-rouser. This remarkable work provides a powerful new interpretation of how these events combined to form Hitler’s Weltanschauung  or world view. During his time in the prison fortress of Landsberg the echoes of these disparate events coalesced and resulted in the writing of Mein Kampf; a book which was to have a catastrophic influence on the history of the world. Carruthers masterfully traces how these distinct episodes blended and contributed to create the bible of National Socialism.

This expanded edition incorporates the complete text of James Murphy’s 1936 Official Translation of Mein Kampf, the only translation to be officially sanctioned version for publication by the Nazis during the Third Reich. This remarkable combination of the primary source with the definitive analysis is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the factors which shaped our world in the 20th Century.

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