The Nuremberg Trials - The Complete Proceedings Vol 5: The Concentration Camps

This is the fifth volume in the complete proceedings of the Nuremberg trial of the German major war criminals before the International Military Tribunal sitting at Nuremberg, Germany. Taken from the original court transcript this volume covers the proceedings from 21st January to 1st February 1946 and represents an essential primary source for scholars and general readers alike. The transcripts are complete and contain the whole of the proceedings as taken from the original court documents.

This volume finalises the evidence of systematic economic looting in the occupied territories. It then presents the case of the individual responsibility of the Defendants Hans Fritsche, Franz von Papen and Constantin von Neurath, and their complicity in aggressive action against sovereign states, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. It also includes evidence and testimony of the torture and summary execution of French hostages asa means of reprisal, and the uniform use of extreme cruelty to gain confessions. It proceeds to show the written evidence of the official Nazi policy of inhuman treatment of prisoners of war, including internment in concentration camps, massacres of captives and lynching of Allied airmen.

This volume includes, among others, the harrowing oral evidence of Maurice Lampe who was incarcerated in Mauthausen Concentration Camp and was tortured by the SS and Gestapo and Mme Claude Vaillant Courturier, a member of the French Resistance who was sent to Auschwitz and Ravenbruck. Dr Alfred Balachowsky gives his evidence on the medical experiments at Buchenwald.

Originally published under the authority of H.M. Attorney-General by His Majesty s Stationery Office London in 1946, this new ebook version includes an introduction by Emmy Award Winning Writer and Historian Bob Carruthers.

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