Calling all authors!

We are looking to publish new talent in every genre for every format - please follow our guidelines below. If you would like to submit your work to Coda Books please send in the following four documents as attachments, by email only to Please make sure to preface the subject line of your emails with 'SUBMISSION', in BLOCK CAPITALS.

1. 100-150 word (approx) teaser for your manuscript that we can adapt for marketing your book.

2. A synopsis. This should be one to three pages, and should list the word count, genre, theme, setting, characters, and plot of your book, from the first to final chapter, including the resolution of the story.

3. The full manuscript. This must be spell-checked and proof-read. Please download our submissions guide below for more details.

4. A signed and dated copy of our Standard Digital Publishing Contract. Please download this contract below, sign and send it to us as an attachment. We are only able to accept manuscripts at this time under these terms.

Please include your name, postal address and telephone number in the body of your email, and a brief description of your book. If you are using a pseudonym, make sure that your real name and your pseudonym are both on the manuscript, as well as on your email. Put your name and contact details on the front of the manuscript, as well as on your covering letter i.e. on any attachment so that the information is there if it is printed out or transferred to eReader.

Where appropriate you should mention any previous publications or writing experience so we can include it for marketing purposes. If you have experience that relates directly to the subject of the book this should be mentioned succinctly.

Every writer who submits work must keep a copy of the material themselves. We accept no liability for lost work.

We will acknowledge receipt of the initial submission email within seven working days. We will respond within 28 days and let you know whether you have been successful or not. If successful, we will send you a counter-signed copy of the contract, and your book will be in print within 90 days of that.


Coda Books Ltd 2012

Submissions Guide Standard Digital Publishing Contract
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